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Leyva Gets His 40 Stories in Greenpoint & No One Objects

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We're not sure what's more interesting about this. That the full Community Board 1 gave the thumbs up to the Ismael Leyva 40-story Greenpoint waterfront tower. That the vote was practically unanimous. Or that no one from the community showed up to object. The issue is that the developer (who is also behind the troubled Oro on Flatbush Avenue) wanted an extra ten stories on the building for reasons that included a sewer line on the property and moving some of the bulk of the building away from the street. The thing had already gotten preliminary approval. The 2005 rezoning allowed towers up to 30 stories and provoked bitter opposition in the community. And now? Nothing. Forty stories is way cool. There are still more approvals to go, but since no one in the community objects, it doesn't look like it will face any opposition. A backdoor to more 40 stories buildings? Or some 50's? Perhaps. But this is all like elevator music, because the real issue is who is going to finance a 620-unit rental building in this part of Greenpoint right now.
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