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Week in Review: Staycations, The Real World, Dylan Destructoporn, and More

And, now, before you settle into your Saturday routine, here are a few of our favorite posts from Curbed during this past week.

1) Chelsea:Dylan Destructoporn! Hotel Chelsea is "renovating" Bob Dylan's old room, birth place of Blonde on Blonde. The residents? Not so happy about it.

2) East New York: Staycation! In East New York. Quoth the developer of the Linden Hotel: "I’d never thought of working in this section of Brooklyn, but if you share a vision with your client and your contractor, you can build good architecture almost anywhere."

3) Greenpoint The full Community Board approved the Ismael Leyva 40-story Greenpoint waterfront tower, adding 10 stories on to its original height. And no one objected.

4) East Village: "East Village Portfolio" for sale! 17 buildings, $120 million, Lower East Side. You do the math.

5) Red Hook: The not-so-Real World Brooklyn tries really, really hard to keep it real, anyway. FAIL.