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Penthouse's Sales Woes: Blame the Dogs (or Richard Meier)

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Last week, Braden Keil reported that Josh Groban, your mother's favorite nonthreatening male vocalist, was spotted touring a $3.85 million duplex penthouse at yummy 155 Perry Street in Chupiville?er, the Far West Village. At the time, it was noted by Keil that, "Because of his dog, Groban was concerned with the spiral staircase leading to the private irrigated and landscaped roof deck, and discussed the possibility of adding rubber treads to the stairs." Dude loves his dog. Anyway, those threatening stairs have been marked down by its CORE Group brokers to $3.5 million, though StreetEasy indicates the chop came a while ago and Elliman had been listing the place for $3.5 million for many moons beforehand. Groban should take the extra $350K and swap out the flooring for bubble wrap, especially when there's a private West Village landscaped roof deck in play. But about that roof deck. Not that it's a major issue to some folks, but we have a feeling it's not the spiral doggie deathtrap that is holding up the bidding war. Rather, it's some two-legged friends: Calvin Klein, Hugh Jackman and a pack of others.

· Listing: 155 Perry Street #PH8B [CORE]
· Groban voices some concern [NYP]

176 Perry Street

176 Perry Street, New York, NY 10014

155 Perry Street

155 Perry Street, New York, NY

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165 Charles Street, New York, NY 10014