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CurbedWire: Excitement at 808 Columbus, WTC Info Via Text!!!

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UPPER WEST SIDE?There is excitement about developments at our old friend 808 Columbus. A tipster who send the photo above, notes: "Just saw a new sign posted on the Whole Foods side of 808 Columbus - it has the logos of some pretty fancy new tenants. If all of these stores actually come in here it will completely redefine the whole neighborhood - Wow! We'll start with the banks (not so radical - but I will say that there are actually no major branches of either of these banks within a 5 to 10 minute walk). Chase. Bank of America. Duane Reede - also not so thrilling but also will be the only one in the immediate 5 blocks. Crumbs - This joins the ranks of the new Dunkin Donuts and Subway etc that have come in over the past year or so...Then the big stuff: of course - the massive Whole Foods which is anchoring the building, but - and this is stuff we did not yet know: Borders, Modell's and in their first Manhattan location...Michael's (crafty types should be crying of happiness here)." If only we made candles we'd be grabbing for the Kleenex right now. Kidding aside, though, serious stuff. [CurbedWire]

WTC?Because it is absolutely crucial that you know immediately when the Port Authority adds new photos of WTC construction to their website, SIGN UP NOW to receive WTC updates via text message or email. You can't make stuff like this up. [CurbedWire]

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