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East Village Mystery Hotel Rumor Makes Annual Appearance

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Rumors have long swirled about a luxury hotel being built in place of an ever-evolving cast of buildings on the low-rise south side East 10th Street between Third and Fourth Avenues. Surely the long-shuttered (and Stop Work Order'd) bodega and record shop would be involved, but word of something bigger was always held up by the presence of the charming single-family brick townhouse seen all tagged up in the photo above, next to those two Death Row buildings. Howevs, Vanishing New York reports that the home was sold in May, to "82 East 10th Street Realty, LLC" (the address of the townhouse), and some ominous skull-and-crossbones rodent poison stickers are now posted. VNY writes, "I talked to an employee in one of the shops on the block who filled me in. The owner of the townhouse sold it to a pair of hoteliers who want to take down the corner and put in a boutique hotel." Will the townhouse come down? According to that same employee, it will be used as a construction office (fancy!), but those rat stickers usually mean demolition, no?
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