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Huge Ismael Leyva Brooklyn 'Park Ave.' Development Revealed

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Oh, freaking yes. The huge mystery development designed by Ismael Leyva that is rising on the Gowanus side of Fourth Avenue (aka Brooklyn's Park Avenue) is now available for the world to see. The formal address is 150 Fourth Avenue and it's a 12-story structure that will have 95 units. The building is going up on a site where a big row of apartments was slowly vacated as residents were evicted and conditions deteriorated. They were demolished earlier this year and a huge metal fence now surrounds the site. There have also been problems, like a surviving building on left side of the site being damaged by demolition and having to be vacated. In any case, these are a few interior and exterior renderings of the newest buildings that might rise on the northern end of Park Avenue BK. There is no construction loan nailed down on the new condo yet.
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