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Bowery 2.0: Some Bari Buildings Up for Grabs

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In a Villager story that doesn't appear to be online (the pertinent details were repeated by EV Grieve), Patrick Hedlund reports that the Bari family, restaurant supply kingpins/old-school Bowery property barons, are selling a block of buildings on the grime-to-glitz boulevard. The six-lot parcel extends from the corner of Prince Street to FLAnk's stalled hotel project at 250 Bowery. A buyer would have 67,000 square feet of buildable space to play with, and we'll just assume they won't be building new restaurant supply stores. This is across the street from the New Museum and very close to Norman Foster's planned gallery building at 257 Bowery. Surely there's still some financing out there to get something done on the shit-hot Bowery, right?
· Bari bad news on the Bowery [EV Grieve]