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Cool Map Thing: The Sub-Nabes of Greenpoint Like OGre

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Now, this one is certifiable and genuine fun. A deconstruction of Greenpoint into sub--neighborhoods called Alphabetical City, GrlMEZ, G-WWIZ, PoSH, SoPoSH, DECor and OGre. (This is not to be confused with the Sub-Neighborhoods of Greenpoint map from earlier this year.) Here's the quick breakdown. Alphabetical City is "Greenpoint’s Upper West Side is these days way more 'West Seventies by the Park' than Hell’s Kitchen. Lot of new condos, Thai restaurants and bars. GrlMEZ is mostly industrial with hipster in-migration and, uh, Studio B.

G-WWIZ stands for Greenpoint Waste Water Influence Zone. This would be the part of the neghborhood that, literally, smells like shit because of the huge sewage treatment plant. PoSH and SoPoSH are the "Polish Stronghold" and its cousin "South Polish Strong Hold." Then comes DECor, which coiuld be part of PoSH, but is "the Daddy’s-Enid’s Corridor with the idea being that those are two anchor points if you will of an area that includes a lot of up-and-coming high rises that are perfect for upwardly mobile young folks." And, finally, there's OGre, but this is where our friends miss the boat. It's "Outer Greenpoint" and they call it an up and coming area. Except for two itty-bitty problems. The Greenpoint Oil Spill is right under OGre and the Toxic Death Cloud, of which we posted this morning is here too. This one, really, should probably be GreTox or DthPt. Sorry, dudes.
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