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Here It Comes: Burg Finally Likely to Get Fingered

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When opponents who've been fighting the Finger Building for years send out an email saying that they're screwed and the fight may be over, it looks like it's time to say that the Burg's most famous permanently stalled building it going to rise to its full height. Here's why: HSBC Bank has bought the building from developer Mendel Brach and it's also bought the adjoining property from the owner whose lawsuit was holding up the building for a figure said to be $8 million. (There had been rumors the property was up for sale.) Why now? Who knows. In any case the Finger goes back to the Board of Standards and Appeals tomorrow and they're likely to approve the building at its full 16 stories. The good news is the rotting eyesore of a hulk might finally be finished. The bad news is the fugly Scarano designed finger will be 16 stories.

Here's the email we got about Ye Olde Finger:

It seems that the fight against the Finger may go down in defeat. The last four year plus fight has been hard. It seems the B.S.A has received an out by the new owner of the Finger Building, HSBC Bank. They have taken over ownership of the property formerly owned by Mendel Brach and designed by Brooklyn’s favorite architect Robert Scarano. The adjoining property owned by Scott Spector has been sold for an alleged amount of eight million dollars. So now both properties are owned by HSBC so the air right issue has been resolved as of today...Now that HSBC owns everything the B.S.A is now going to give its blessing for the full sixteen story, 220 foot build despite the fact that it is now clear that when the permit was issued the original owner Mendel Brach did not own adjacent air right to build this building...The failure of the DOB and BSA to enforce laws and rules, along with the City Council that has failed to support Tony Avella’s bill that was submitted in 2005 that would put a moratorium on new building permits that exceed proposed changes in zoning when a land use review begins. This failure has hurt neighborhoods all over the city. But the City Council has been too busy giving itself pay raises and third terms to get anything meaningful done. Please come down tomorrow and let’s tell the BSA to follow its own rules and regulations and deny this permit.Ah, but wait. Two things: (A). Opponents can still file lawsuits against the thing and (B). Is someone actually going to finish building it given the current Burg market?
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