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Secret Spaces: Working Class Hero on Grove

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Secret Spaces takes a gander at the city's oft-overlooked spaces. Spot something of interest? Break out the zoom lens and upload it straight to the Curbed inbox.

New blog Scouting New York spotted this little enclave, Grove Court, hidden right before the eyes of flashbulb-blazing, fannypacking tourists on Grove Street (the 'Friends' apartment is on the corner of Bedford and Grove). Constructed somewhere between 1848-1852, Grove Court was an affront to bourgeois norms -- It's builder was a grocery store owner, and the man needed customers. Enter the teaming masses of tradesmen and laborers who needed a place to stay and food to eat (its nickname back then was "Mixed Ale Alley"). Sure, no "respectable" family would dare live that far from the street back in that day. But hey, money talks. Extra bonus fact: Grove Court is totally stealth -- the property doesn't show up on Google Maps.
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