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It Happened One Weekend: Rent-To-Own is Trend-Du-Jour, Adam Gordon Going for Gold, More!

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1) Rent-to-own is this month's price protection: a developers' fad that is good for making quick headlines, but it remains to be seen if buyers will bite. Crain's reported last week that only one person had taken the offer at Williamsburg's Northside Piers, but the Times now says the number is two. More: "Fliers and promotional material inviting people to 'test drive' homes and neighborhoods can be found on buildings in Manhattan, including Sutton Manor on East 53rd Street, 99 John Street, the Revere on East 54th Street and Morgan Court on Madison Avenue. In Brooklyn, the BridgeView Tower and the Decora are among those with this option, in addition to Northside Piers." ['Rent Now, Buy Later']

2) We've already dedicated some inches to developer Adam Gordon's Bond Street empire, and now Josh Barbanel has a few things to say about the mini-mogul's newly renovated townhouse at 26 West 76th Street. What was once a building that housed 13 apartments is now a single-family limestone mansion (above) that, at $25 million, is priced 60% higher than the most expensive UWS townhouse ever sold. Good luck with that, brah. [Big Deal/'Too Much of a Reach?']

3) The 86-unit apartment building at 10 West 65th Street, home to mostly rent-stabilized old folks, was sold to Touro College after a luxury conversion plan fell through. Now, the stabies are shacking up with students and the scene is WILD. OK, maybe "wild" isn't the right word. More like "anxious." [The City/Upper West Side]

4) A married couple with a teenage daughter and two dogs in tow are looking to swap the Upper West Side for a two-bedroom condo priced around $700,000, and their price range takes them to Harlem. Buildings such as the Ivy and Fifth on the Park don't make the cut because they are too expensive or don't have closet space, but they find a winner in the Kalahari, the blight of Harlem. They like it, even though they never see anyone walking dogs outside. [The Hunt/'The Next Chapter, in Harlem']

5) What was once a charming middle-class African-American neighborhood, St. Albans has been royally screwed by the boom, locals say: “Overdevelopment in southeast Queens was the biggest threat that we faced before the credit meltdown. The silver lining of the meltdown is that all of the development came to a roaring halt." ['Living In: St. Albans, Queens']

6) How do online broker rating services affect a broker's business? They don't, says a guy who looks really uncomfortable in that suit. [Posting/'Rating the Brokers']

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