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Show Us Your Sales Office: Soho Mews

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Isn't Soho Mews' marketing team thanking every single lucky star on this year's tree? The Gwathmey Siegel-designed development?a pair of buildings on a lot that extends from West Broadway to Wooster Street (they're connected by a private interior courtyard)?is one of the few new projects, after all, that can offer prospective homeowners an actual finished product. Show us the goods, cry the masses! Like most other forms of spending, blind "Blueprint buying" has, shall we say, fallen out of fashion; a three-bedroom town home staged to the nines with never-before-seen furnishings by Calvin Klein doesn't exactly hurt one's visualization process.

In these tough times (we'll spare you the 'R' word) light-up models, slick marketing collateral, and international shills alone won't sell 68 units ranging in price from $2,325,000 for 2 bedrooms/baths to $11,550,000 for a 4 bedroom, 4 bath penthouse; according to the Team Mews, half are already gone and prices are negotiable. This, from a property whose pricing shenanigans once merited a rare and elusive Curbed PriceUpper. In another marketing coup d'etat by Corcoran, the Mews has forged a (very) strategic partnership with the New Museum, neighborhood gallery Deitch Projects, and the Public Art Fund -- a street level gallery-slash-project space will reassure Mews residents of their cultural literacy, while the NewMu will offer buyers a free!!! museum membership with purchase; other Soho icons (think: Moss) will offer special deals and amenities to residents. Act now, people -- move-ins are planned for February.
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