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A Different Kind of Enrichment: Big Gowanus Bldg Back on Market

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A prominent Gowanus building at Bond and Union Street which was once famous for some graffiti and street art whose images were often used to illustrate the neighborhood, is back on the market. The big unused warehouse (which was the scene of a counterfeit baseball merchandise bust during the Guiliani Adminisrtration) was on the market at one time for $12 million as a development site. Last year, it became the Ayyun Center for Jewish Enrichment, got a new paint job outside which obliterated the iconic street art and chandeliers and drapes inside. Well, there must not have been enough spiritual enrichment happening because the owners are seeking enrichment of a different sort now. Oh, and the building is part of the coming Gowanus rezone which would allow some fairly sizeable residential buildings on the site. Assuming it could be detoxed. Let's just say there are nasty issues in the general area.
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