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On the Racked: DVF Sale Madness, Army Navy Surplus Obama Xmas, BoCoCafication of the Burg

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And now the latest from Racked, covering shopping and retail from the sidewalks up.

1) Flatiron: So, what's today's Diane von Furstenberg sale like? Well, find out via the live line blogging early this morning. Or check out the coverage from inside the sale, where there was tons of merchandise and "comically bad" fitting rooms. Photo galleries all around, friends.

2) West Village: Uncle Sam's Army Navy Surplus on West 8th Street is celebrating an Obama Christmas.

3) Village: Broadway is losing one of its most striking storefronts as D. Barton Kyner Antiques heads to the great curio cabinet in the sky. The 3,100-square foot space is in its death throes; they've got 60% off everything in the store.

4) Williamsburg: Is our little Burg suffering, in Racked's words "BoCoCafication." There is evidence: "Grown-up kitchen store Whisk appears on Bedford Avenue. BoCoCa mainstay Bird opens a pop-up shop around the corner on Grand Street. And on the same block, new design store Abode offers stair runners—essential for cozy brownstone living, not so useful for 22-year-olds in crumbling studio apartments." Abode, at 179 Grand, is deemed "least thrilling."