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On the Rental Market: Famed Gramercy House o' Hotties

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The tiny Gramercy brick carriage house that gained fame over the summer when the Times reported on its rowdy dinner parties filled with drunk and sexy Argentinians is back on the market. A tipster wandering down "block beautiful," as East 19th Street between Third Avenue and Irving Place is known, noticed the sign hanging in the window. We called the number, and a nice gentleman told us the place should be ready in 10 days, after some painting and flooring work is done. The asking rent is $4,200/month. The 400-square-foot main floor has a living area, kitchen, bathroom and very close relationship with passersby. Two bedrooms and another bathroom are downstairs. The Times story, dated June, noted that the pair of Argentinian investment bankers that were living in the house had been there for a year and a half, so it looks like their two-year lease was up. The house also has central air and a wood-burning fireplace. Voyeurs should probably race to their phones immediately.
· Tiny, Inviting and Ready for a Party [NYT]