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It's Official: More White People Harlem, More $'s in Park Slope

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If you're one of those wonky people who digs demographic data and wants statistical proof of what your eyes are telling you, this is your day. The Census Bureau has released its latest figures via the American Community Survey on NYC population trends. Today's Times highlights some of them. So, since 2000, the number of young children living in parts of Lower Manhattan--Battery Park City, Tribeca and Soho--has practically doubled. A majority of Bronx residents are now Latino. The number of whites living in Harlem more than tripled and helped drive up the median income almost 20 percent. (The only nabes with bigger increases in median income were Park Slope, Cobble Hill and Bedford-Stuyvesant in Brooklyn, and the lower West Side of Manhattan.) In the meantime, the number of residents in Sunset Park who do not speak English at home dropped by more than 17 percent, which is a good measure of the nabe's gentrification. On Staten Island, on the other hand, the number of households not speaking English went up 26 percent, largely because of an influx of Chinese and Spanish speakers. Overall, the biggest increases in immigrants have been from the Dominican Republic, China and Mexico. The survey only runs through 2007 and it did not count hipsters.
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