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Great Wall at the 27 Grand Hotel Begins to Grow

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Grand Street down in Soho, where a new hotel from Brack Capital is starting to rise, is having a rough time of it lately. The dark times started a while back when the Moondance Diner was ripped from its foundation and sent out west. More recently there was that rat invasion with a singularly lovable rodent hovering above Grand at Wooster. Then the Department of Transportation transformed the roadway by adding a big bike lane on one side and pushing all the parked cars into the middle of the street. Last week brought the arrival of some fellows who had the apparent misfortune of being employed by BCRE, the developer of the hotel. Now, the construction crew is erecting the big concrete wall planned to encircle the site, creating a super secure zone around the 18-story 255-foot hotel-bar-garden, better known as the Fortress of Plazatude. At this point we're not sure if the wall is meant to keep the money in or the riff raff out.
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27 Grand Street, New York, NY 10014