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CurbedWire: Brompton vs. Lucida Continued, More UES Guttings, Aurora Doormen Walk?

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UES?For those wondering how the luxury showdown between the Brompton (left) and the Lucida (right) is going, we can report that it's moving right along. The Brompton (E86th and Third Avenue) is definitely looking good and The Lucida (E85th and Lexington) is getting glassed up. [CurbedWire Inbox]

UES?As a follow up to our post the other day about the McTownhouse on E. 78th Street, there is more: "There are a slew of townhouses on 78th street between second and third that have been gutted. The two next door (No.s 248, 250) to the one (no. 252) you mention have also been completely gutted in recent months. Nothing but the facades remain and the back yards have also been dug out for what looks like will be a build out. Across the street a double wide has been completely demolished 261 – 263 and construction workers have been digging deep in the lot for weeks. Who knows what behemoth will be built there." [CurbedWire Inbox]

WILLIAMSBURG?A resident of the Aurora at 30 Bayard Street on Karl Fischer Row writes to report a curious thing: "As of this evening, all of the doormen at 30 Bayard have walked off of the job. Not sure what is going on." [CurbedWire]