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Curbed Readers Comment: Hot Threads

1) Your Afternoon Credit Crunch (82 Comments)
"crashes do hit and bounce. A "dead cat bounce". However, after the dead-cat bounce prices go lower and flatten out. It's pure market psychology. People haven't changed very much in the past few thousand years."
2) Bleecker Street Residents Silence Our City's Tour Guides (78 Comments)
"I happen to live on one of the blocks in question, and while I can sleep through the garbage trucks and the drunken singing of Harry Belafonte songs, the one thing that rouses me every weekend morning is a "fun fact" about my neighborhood from these tour guides. Being left in the quiet to suffer my hangovers in peace is a welcome change."
3) Reader Rant: 'Revolt Brewing' at LIC's Arris Lofts (72 Comments)
"At least once the unit-owners control the board, you will be able to repaint the orange hallways."
4) New Domino Renderings Revealed: Tall & Glassy (49 Comments)
"I like the renderings, but often the finished product does not resemble them... I'm scared these beautiful pixilated pez dispensers will just look plastic and cheap after the cost cutters come in."