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BREAKING CurbedWire: Crane Collapse in Tribeca

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There's been a crane collapse at Washington Street and Watts Streets in TriBeCa. An on scene correspondent says that it is at the Jack Parker Corp. project. Our correspondent reports: "crane is twisted and mangled, happened about 10 minutes ago. at present, it's unstable. surrounding streets have been cleared." The project has been the subject of considerable neighborhood controversy. Last year, a building on the site suffered a fire, and a neighboring restaurant owner was quoted in the Downtown Express as saying, "Obviously, this doesn’t bode well for what we’re in for." [CurbedWire Inbox/Staff]

UPDATE, 4:00 PM: The crane that collapsed was assembled on January 5 &6. Photo of the site here.

UPDATE, 4:05 PM: Fortunately, there are no reports of injuries from the accident. Because of the weather, a lot of worker were not at the site when crane collapsed.