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Funky Friday Listing: Toronto Edition

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When an e-mail was forwarded to us with listing details and photos for "TORONTO'S SMALLEST HOUSE!" we were a little wary. But the home has amassed quite the Internet presence, and indeed it has a site of its own, so it looks like the story checks out. Is it crazy enough to garner Funky Friday listage despite being just outside the typical commuter range from the New York metropolitan area? Yes! Built on a 7' x 113' plot of land in 1912, the 300-square-foot house has one bedroom and one bathroom, and the current owners have put in some serious renovation work. Well, they were renovating a glorified doll house, so it couldn't have been too serious. The price is $173,000, but that could be Canadian, so it's actually more like $10 million in U.S. dollars. According to the listing, the house comes with two parking spots, which is great, because you're going to need somewhere to stick your stuff.

The living room, looking toward the front of the house.

Not surprisingly, only a Murphy Bed is getting into this thing.

What the bedroom looks like with the bed up.

Yep, washer/dryers are treated like the Holy Grail in Manhattan, yet they managed to cram them in here.

Hey, it's just like 40 Bond out here!
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