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Curbed PriceChopper: River Ridge Washed Up?

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Then: $1,196,900
Now: $999,500
You Save!: $197,400

We've burned many a blog inch on the less attractive aspects of former Lower East Side chicken slaughterhouse/current Lower East Side "luxury" condo building River Ridge, so instead of rehashing the on-top-of-the-bridge thing or the ridiculousness of the rendering (trees?), let's just get right into the chopping. Above is but an example of the 10 units recently slashed at 78 Ridge Street, out of 25 total current listings. This comes after Elliman was brought aboard to sell these puppies?er, chicks. To be fair, this cut is fairly dramatic. The smaller units were trimmed from anywhere between $16,000 and $60,000. At what point will people overlook the River Ridge's shortcoming and be drawn in by new Manhattan construction priced in many cases under $1,000/sf? Eh, probably a little while longer.
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78 Ridge Street

78 Ridge Street, New York, NY 10002