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Union Hall Succumbs to Boozy Park Slope Stroller Rage

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That didn't take long. After enduring a week of controversy about its ban on strollers and scampering toddlers, not to mention significant mommy rage, Union Hall is beating a modified retreat. This week's Brooklyn Paper reports that upon careful consideration Park Slope parents and their spawn can hang out, have a sip of whatever and play some bocce. The bar's owner says that strollers can come back "a few afternoons a week" and says the original decision "was strictly liability." He went on to explain:

A lot of parents are great and mindful. But some are not that attentive to their kids when they’re in here. This is a bar with an open stairwell and a bocce court. This is a business and we don’t have the staff to police it. That situation will, or won't work itself out. In the meantime, we came across a related idea with deep Brooklyn neighborhood implications, out front of Union Hall or in any number of places. A member of the Park Slope Parents group wonders if "municipal stroller parking racks" would make Park Slope happier and better:

Would life be better in PS if there was such a thing? Would it provoke a backlash with torches and pitchforks or increase the peace?No word on when Union Hall will take down the "no strollers" sign or which days will have Maclaren time.
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