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Judge Kills Randall's Island 'Field of Schemes' Plan

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First, the Randall's Island water park dream was dispatched to sleep with the fishes. Now, a judge has driven a stake through the heart of the city's plan to sell rights to use athletic fields on the island to nearly two dozen of some of the city's most exclusive private schools. The deal would have let private schools build and rebuild playing fields on the island, but the huge plan didn't go through the city's land use review process. The deal was bitterly opposed by groups of park advocates, East Harlem and South Bronx residents, public school parents, students and youth league teams. The opponents sued because they said the deal was like privatizing park land without any public review. Yesterday, a State Supreme Court Judge agreed and canceled the deal. The city can appeal or can go back to the drawing board and negotiate an arrangement that would ultimately have to go to the City Council for a vote.
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