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Spitzer Hands Blindfold, Cigarette to Javits Expansion

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Even though the major Javits Center expansion was scaled back to a minor Javits Center renovation, Mayor Bloomberg was still clinging to the hope that maybe one day?perhaps when construction costs come down and there's money to burn?a second-phase expansion would be possible. Not so much! The Sun reports that Gov. Spitzer plans to sell off the land that the new Javits bits and pieces were supposed to be built on. Said Spiter: "The way I see it is very simple: If at this point it is simply not economical under any circumstances to expand the Javits Center, you can either let the land lie fallow and let it be wasted or you can sell it and use it for good investments. There is no way we are building the Javits Center. It is not going to happen. I am not going to be for it and I am not going to waste public money." Harsh. Adding insult to Bloomberg's injury, the money from any sale will go to Spitzer's upstate development plan. So, can we expect some more big new buildings in Hudson Yardsville? Probs.
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