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Dramatic Pier 40 Decision Day Results in ... More Delays

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Yesterday, in front of a large audience hungry for some decisive action on the development proposals for the athletic fields of Pier 40, the Hudson River Park Trust did what they've done all along during this lengthy process?pretty much nothing. The Trust was not comfortable with awarding the rights to either of the two "official" bids, Related's Cirque du Soleil-loaded "Vegas on the Hudson" (above) or the People's Pier offer of private/public day camps. Nor was the Trust willing to hand the thing off to the Pier 40 Partnership?the coalition of local parents who jumped in a little late and rallied last weekend with Molto Mario on hand. Everyone got sent back to the drawing board, and the Trust will meet again in March. It would appear that the delay benefits the parents, who now have more time to get their act together. Some board members mused aloud on a dream scenario in which the bidders come together on a joint plan that generates lots of revenue for the park and pleases the community. Yeah, we'll see about that. The one thing everyone agreed on was that at least the Hudson River Park is better off than the oft-delayed Brooklyn Bridge Park, which has to resort to sticking luxury condos on park land to pay for stuff. Burn!
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