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CurbedWire: Year of the Rat Continues, Brooklyn's Park Ave. Marches On, Trouble in Inwood

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DOWNTOWN BROOKLYN?The, uh, celebration of the Year of the Rat continues, quite literally, at 150 Myrtle Avenue, a 34-story condo tower. [CurbedWire Inbox]

PARK SLOPE?Work has started to tear down a closed gas station on Brooklyn's new Park Avenue, aka Fourth Ave. The ownership of the property, however, has shifted from City Investment Fund to developer Isaac Katan. A tipster writes: "They plan to put up another 12 story apt building, not sure yet if it will be condos or rentals...Since Katan was involved with the other two Boymelgreen buildings (the Crest and the Novo) chances are we'll be looking at another fugly yellow brick building. Yum!" [CurbedWire Inbox]

INWOOD?A reader emails with some commentary about a Times piece yesterday about Inwood: "It's funny that they make no mention of a shooting death on the street two blocks away on Tuesday night, and the open air drug trafficking that goes on on Cooper and Vermilyea Streets. The people buying these condos might want to keep the 34th precinct's phone numbers on hand, because as wonderful as Inwood is, we still have a crime problem up here. In fact, a few days after the murder, an Inwood parent was walking by to look at the memorial, and a packet of drugs came flying out the window to a person waiting below...I wonder if that will cut it with all of the yuppies like me moving up here and making noise." [CurbedWire Inbox]