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Arris Lofts Renter Wants to Clear Up a Few Things

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[Photo via liQcity]

The oft debated Long Island City luxury condo development Arris Lofts was renting out some unsold units a little while ago, and one person who took the developer up on the offer has graciously filed a report to clear up some of those longstanding Arris rumors. Like, for example, the hot water situation, and the noise issue regarding the building's proximity to the Long Island Rail Road tracks, and the hookers. Always the hookers. That report is after the jump.

It’s now been a week since I moved into Arris (bitter renter), and I’d like to submit my first update: Pros:

Very accommodating staff

Kitchen components and finishes are excellent

No railroad noise whatsoever (Our unit faces Thomson Ave)

Plenty of space

Shower is awesome, lots of hot water and very spacious


No good restaurants or supermarkets within walking distance

Finishes and fixtures in the bathroom are so-so

No good Indian / Sushi /Southeast Asian restaurants locally

We hear talking, music, and other human noises through the vents

No hookers?where am I going to get some ass when my GF has a headache? LOL

So far, so good. More to come.

Well, there's always an escort service.
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Arris Lofts

27-28 Thomson Ave, Long Island City, NY 11101