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Get a Piece of the Burg: Land on Union Ave. Being Auctioned

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Auction signs have gone up at one of the handful of parcels of land on Williamsburg's booming Union Avenue corridor that isn't already being turned into a condo. The property at 538 Union is on the corner of Union and Withers, a couple of blocks from Karl Fischer Row and immediately east of an upcoming "silvery metallic megastructure" condo designed by Gene Kaufman (which would be empty land surround by the wooden fence in the photo). The parcel comes with plans from Kutnicki Bernstein for a five-story condo with 12 units (which still don't have the green light from the Department of Buildings). Speaking of which, its yellowish cousin from Kutnicki Bernstein with the working name of McCarren Park Estates is also going up nearby on the site of the old Manhattan Chocolate building. On a less lofty note, it's pretty much across the street from this Hot Karl number, which could shave five-ten percent from the bids at the auction. The magic date is March 14.
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