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Curbed PriceChopper: Lofty Dumbo Takes a Dive

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Then: $3,400,000
Now: $2,800,000
You Save!: $600,000

Where have all the real lofts gone? Not the "loft-like" new construction phonies that currently flood the market, but the industrial live/work spaces filled with those scruffy adorable guys who eat/sleep/breathe their craft? Why, Dumbo, of course, but this being the Brooklyn of 2008, these last bastions of grit will still run you close to $3 million. The 31 Washington Street loft seen above is raw, obviously, but it's also a staggering 5,185 square feet. That comes out to about $540/sf post-chop, and before the costly build-out. According to the listing, the full-floor space can be converted to two separate apartments, so bring a friend! To see what can be done with all that exposed brick and wooden beams, here's a much smaller loft in the building that was recently sold.

· Listing: 31 Washington Street [Century 21]