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Jehovah's Witness Brooklyn Heights Hotel is Already Rental

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That was fast. The old Standish Arms Hotel in Brooklyn Heights sold by the Jehovah's Witnesses in December has already been re-branded as 169 Columbia Heights and is on the rental market. McBrooklyn found posters for the luxe rentals that start at $2K and those, in turn, led to online info for the former Watchtower Society building. They're being marketed with the tag line "Live Grandly, Make History" and as being close to "trendy Montague Street." The building's history apparently includes residency by Superman in apartment 5G, plus serving as a setting in "Death of a Salesman." McBrooklyn points out that the marketing push doesn't include the "the spectacular Standish Arms Hotel Fire of 1966." From the look of some older photos on the site, some of the apartments may have excellent views of William Beaver House across the river.
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