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Is 'La Marqueta de Williamsburg' Finally Toast?

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Followers of embattled New York City ethnic vendors might remember the fight over La Marqueta de Williamsburg, aka the historic Moore Street Market. Last year, the vendors won a one-year reprieve from the city, which wants to tear down the market and building affordable housing on the site. The city has offered the vendors compensation or help relocating to a public housing project, but the 13 vendors aren't interested. The one-year stay of execution until June 2008 is almost up. The city still says it has to go, as the market--one of four that survive of those built during the Great Depression--has lost $1 million over the last four years. The city's Economic Development Corp. told the Times that it's "working with local elected officials to explore options." The manager of Community Board 1, meanwhile says the city's main interest is "figuring how to close it without creating a scandal."
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[Photo courtesy of Food of the Future]