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The Fight for 475 Kent Goes On

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It's unclear when and how the saga of 475 Kent will end. The converted loft building was cleared last month after a long list of fire code violations were found, not to mention the illegal matzo factory in the basement. Since then, the 200 displaced residents have been working to get back in. They've organized and written letters. The artists are agitating to, at least, be allowed back in during the day so they can work. They're even working to fix the code violations, including a broken sprinkler system, themselves, according to the Times. Amazingly, the tenants are even making nice with the landlord, saying that he "was devastated" by the evictions (and the loss of rent) and describing him as "sitting with his head in his hands, sobbing." In the meantime, the 475 Kent website, has gotten a major upgrade, and now features both a 475 Kent blog and a forum (access to which is now limited). Is someone shooting a documentary of the Fight for 475 Kent?
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[Photo courtesy of aldella/flickr]