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Not So Fast on That Long Island City Thing

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Silvercup Studios is where the bulk of 30 Rock and Gossip Girl get filmed, so we can't really get mad at it, but the citizens of Long Island City must be feeling a little jilted right now. Silvercup West, the massive expansion project that was to include offices and apartment towers and a small village's worth of services all designed by architect Richard Rogers, appears to be stalled. Alec Appelbaum reports that the builders have determined that the bedrock at the site is "not where they expected it to be," and Silvercup execs are dodging questions about changes to the design and construction start dates. Ruh-roh. The project was supposed to break ground sometime in 2008, so it's a little early to freak out, but somewhere in the fake Williamsburg of Silvercup's soundstages, Dan Humphrey sheds a tear.
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