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Celebrity Real Estate Wrap: Cammy D in Silk? A-Rod in N-Jerz?

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1) Cameron Diaz is used to picking up Britney Spears' sloppy seconds, so it's no surprise that she's looking in the Silk Building (above the old Tower Records on Fourth Street), a building Brit has some experience with. Word is she's checked out this two-bedroom condo priced at $1.699 million in the former celebrity stronghold. Meanwhile, Page Six reports that the penthouse at the Chelsea Club on West 19th Street that Cam has peeped a few times may get snapped up by Grey's Anatomy starlet Ellen Pompeo. Drama! [Intelligencer/S. Jho Ro; Page Six]

2) Well compensated sportsman Alex Rodriguez has been looking for a trophy property for what feels like an eternity, but he keeps adding bits and pieces to his real estate empire. He already owns in Trump Park Avenue, and now he's added two multimillion-dollar apartments in the Hudson Tea complex. In Hoboken. To be fair, that's where Eli Manning lives, so maybe he just wants to be near a winner? [Gatecrasher/Ben Widdicombe]

3) Although it puts the very title of this weekly column in doubt, we feel compelled to include this because we're huge Judge Dredd fans. The ex-wife of Armand Assante sold her two-bedroom co-op at 118 Riverside Drive for $2.45 million. [Manhattan Transfers/Max Abelson]

4) Those foolish celebrities who dare choose Los Angeles over New York are taking some hits when it comes to home sales. Avril Lavigne, Wilmer Valderrama and Ed McMahon have all had dates with the chopper. [Braden Keil/Gimme Shelter]