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On the Racked: Mega-Vick's Secret, 'Supermodel' Speaks, Park Slope Shoes, Mo' Banks

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And now, the latest from Racked, on the carnage that is New York City retail.

1) Midtown: What could be better than a humongous Victoria's Secret at Lex and 58th or, perhaps, a gigantic Nike store taking over the Virgin space in Union Square for $25M a year in rent? Alas, no Topshop for the latter.

2) Bryant Park: Is the "supermodel" talking about that DKNY bike campaign in the YouTube vid serious? Racked has it so you can watch and decide for yourself.

3) Park Slope: Racked turns to the Photo Gallery tool to bring forth many photos of Oak Shoes. Click through for all the photos.

4) Noho/Central Village: Will North Fork Bank be able to get the smell of greasy ribs out of its new space on University Place that used to house BBQ? Stay tuned.