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Ask Curbed: New Buildings Have Weak Streams?

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We can't honestly say we've heard much about water-pressure problems in new buildings. We've heard about hot water issues and noisy pool pumps, but not stream strength. But at least one condo buyer out there says there is a chronic problem with new construction, so we'll hear him out:

I am in the process of buying a new apt in williamsburg and every new condo i like has weak water pressure especially in the bathtub/shower. Since the buildings are empty I wonder what the pressure will be like when people live there? Is this a overall building issue? Is this because of new water saving efforts? I have been lucky to always have apartments with strong water pressure.As Freddie Mercury and David Bowie once told us, "Under-pressured, that burns a building down." Something like that. So, is this a problem with new construction lately? And would any plumbers out there in the Curbed readership like to mop up this mess? Leave a comment.
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