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Greenpoint to Get Another Big Karl Fischer

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Greenpoint is getting its biggest Hot Karl Fischer project yet. This 12-story building above will rise on India Street near Franklin. We went looking for it after an email with the subject line "Karl Fischer's Next Finger?" and came upon 194 Franklin Street, which is next to the famous (and troubled) Astral. The new Greenpoint Hot Karl will have 17 condos.

Here's a bit of the email:

I live near a one-story garage on the corner of Franklin and India Streets in Greenpoint. There has been a lot of very loud, room-shaking banging lately emanating from said garage. I did some quick search just now, and it seems like this is likely the result of workers dismantling the garage to make way for a new Hot Karl...he bought the place last summer and is aiming for a 12-story structure in an area dominated by The Astral, which is the tallest, largest and oldest (1886) (and worst maintained) residential building on that side of the neighborhood. Any idea what Jetsons-looking, maxed-out bit of Narcotecture this ass clown is looking to unleash upon me and mine?Well, yes, and it appears to be a relative of the Two Karls that might rise at Grand and Driggs in Williamsburg.
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