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Scarano vs. Quadrini #2: Berry St. Burg Buddies Edition

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[Courtesy of KSQ Architects; click to Expand]

We've often wondered what the other buildings going up at N. 10 and Berry in Williamsburg were going to look like. We already know our dear friend 55 Berry and our excellent new friend 125 N. 10. But what of the buildings across the street? Well, they're coming from the drawing board of Brooklyn's suddenly hot new kid on the block, Armand Quadrini of KSQ Architects and they'll be friends with Robert Scarano's 125 N. 10. When all the dust settles on this corner, there will be two Quadrinis sitting across Berry Street from each other: 128 N. 10 ( the smaller new building in the rendering with 6 stories and six units) and 70 Berry (the bigger building in the renderings above, with seven stories and 32 units) creating a kind of Scarano-Quadrini Corner.
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