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Curbed Double PriceChopper: 40 Bond's Stench of Death

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Then: $5,950,000
Now: $5,495,000
You Save!: $455,000

It's the question we never thought we'd have to ask, and we're half-expecting lightning to strike us down as we type these words: What's wrong with 40 Bond? Phew, we survived. But seriously, 40 Bond is probably the most celebrated and written-about new development behind 15 Central Park West and the Plaza, yet the 28-unit Herzog & de Meuron coke bottle still isn't sold out, three of the four rental listings have been reduced, and now this. "This" is the 2,600-square-foot 3BR apartment that was already pricechopped $345,000 in October. Now, a second cut brings the new asking price down $800,000 from the original ask. We assumed 40 Bond, like 15 CPW or the Plaza, appealed to the kind of buyer for whom price is not an issue (but younger!). Where have you gone, dedicated army of well-to-do Schragerphiles?
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40 Bond Street

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