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Time to Pass the Hat on Moynihan Station

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The West Side. The West Side, the West Side, the West Side. The West Side. Mm. It is not looking good over there, over on ... the West Side. The Javits Center expansion? Dead. The 7-Train extension? The MTA is trying to make the scaled-down version work. The Hudson Yards? Developers are griping. The Moynihan Station/new Madison Square Garden plan? Oh, just about $1 billion short, the Sun reports. In 10 years, the West Side will either be completely transformed and unrecognizable, or it will look exactly the same and serve as the biggest undelivered promise in the city's history. As of this moment, the winds seem to be blowing toward the latter. Said Assemblyman Richard Brodsky, "They need over $2 billion and they have maybe around $1 billion. They need maybe $3 billion for the 7 line, they have maybe $2 billion. They are trying to figure out what to do on Hudson Yards and it looks like that is not coming together. With Javits, it looks like they are wasting $800 million on a plan that does nothing. The West Side stuff is in really tough shape." Yikes.
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