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Cobble Hill 'Rat-Squirrel House' Drama Deepens

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This gloomy, wet day is as good a day any to get up to speed on the abandoned Rat-Squirrel House in Cobble Hill. It's one of those Brooklyn structures that seems to defy the forces of the real estate market and show that there are still eccentric people in possession of valuable real estate in that part of the city. The building has been chronicled by Lost City, who first noted in December that it bears the markings of condemnation it and serves as a home to many rats, squirrels and other vermin. He says "the roof is sagging, the stoop and facade are cracked, the cornice is loose and hanging, some windows are boarded over while others are open." The house is on Kane Street near Henry and has racked up a slew of violations. Apparently, the owner still lives inside the structure with her, uh, pets. Yesterday, the Department of Buildings showed up, but couldn't get inside, but the end may be approaching for 149 Kane. If the city doesn't take it down, it would appear that gravity and the elements are ready to take over. Brooklyn drama, friends.
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