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McCarren Pool Plans: Where Will Concerts Go?

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The plans for the redo of McCarren Pool will get another showing tonight and some people will be asking, "Where's the concert venue?" The new McCarren Pool might be available for some small shows in spring and fall when the pool and ice skating rink aren't in use, but other than that, there's the issue of finding a new spot for big Williamsburg shows in 2009 and beyond. The Parks Department says that surveys showing support for shows at McCarren Pool were skewed because a lot were filled out by, well, people attending concerts and by "younger, more mobile and affluent folks...more than poorer, older ones." Meanwhile, attention has turned to the future Bushwick Inlet Park and environs as a possible site, although it will take years to build, even if things go smoothly. The head of Jelly NYC, which produces the free shows at the pool said in an email that while they totally support the new plan, there is a "need for there to be an alternative site for large scale concerts and other events to occur for summer 2009...We are not asking for a bandshell or anything like that, a large concrete slab on the water is fine so long as it can accommodate 5,000+ people."
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