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Eye on Dubai: FXFowle Plan Giant Bridge of Insanity

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We told you we'd be keeping a closer eye on the architectural stylings of Dubai, and damn it, we meant it! In this great city of ours, visionary ideas often run into roadblocks: zoning, preservationists, the laws of gravity and physics, etc. In Dubai, none of this matters of course, so our great minds are making the trip to see their wacky ideas come to fruition. Like, for example, NYC architecture firm FXFowle, who have designed the world's longest and tallest arch bridge, scheduled to begin construction in March with a completion date in 2012. The bridge will be one mile long and 670 feet tall, carry 12 lanes of traffic and cost over $800 million. It will have a metro line running down the middle. And oh yeah, it's fucking insane. This is what we need connecting Manhattan to Governors Island, not some lame gondola.

· Dubai to Build the World's Largest Arch Bridge in 2012 [io9 via Life Without Buildings]