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Jersey's Whacky Xanadu Getting Some Spin

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The biggest Ferris wheel in the country is definitely reason for us to take a look across the Hudson River this morning. The Post reports that the big $2 billion Xanadu entertainment complex in the Meadowlands will be getting a 286 foot tall Ferris Wheel, beating out one in Dallas, which is only 213 feet tall. The wheel's going next to the shopping and entertainment complex, which will have a 780-foot indoor ski slope and an indoor lake. The completion date is actually set for November. Everybody loves a Ferris wheel, right? Wrong. Some residents to the west are complaining that it will mess with the view of Manhattan and say the developers are "like bullies from another neighborhood." They've even got their own website to fight the power behind the wheel. The wheel was going to be 400 feet, but the FAA put it on a diet.
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