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Construction Watch: The Twins of Hope & Keap

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The last time we checked in on once-quiet Keap Street in the Burg, just to the east of the BQE, we noted that a good part of the street and surroundings would soon be under construction. We return to have a look at the corner of Hope and Keap Streets where two buildings have gone up. And, they're not just any buildings they are genuine Hot Karl Fischers, which does allow for today's daily dose of Karl. Known as 140 and 156 Hope Street the Fischer Twins are six stories tall and have 29 and 42 units respectively. Sadly, some affordable housing across the street was towed by the Sanitation Department. The buildings are part of the absolutely booming Metropolitan-Union-BQE Triangle, which will be anchored by the Gateway to Williamsburg, not to mention another Karl Fischer at Union and Ainsle.
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