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CurbedWire: Controversy at The Ellies?, 8USS Goes Neon

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BROKERLAND—As The Real Estate reports, lunch today found the powers that be at Prudential Douglas Elliman celebrating the firm's Broker of the Year awards at Cipriani 42nd Street. The number-one ranked broker at the firm? The inimitable Dolly Lenz, of course, who made a brief appearance. ("I only got there for the last few minutes," she tells TRE. "I was in a meeting, literally, with a major banking group, and should not have gone.") All well and good, yes? Perhaps not: we've heard rumors this afternoon that the actual firm leader in commission income for 2007—topping even Lenz—was Jacky Teplitzky, who manages her own team inside the firm. In fact, PDE did name Teplitzky's team the top-ranked sales group for 2007—but, hmm, can the PDE kingdom endure two queens, each with claim to the first-place, number-one, blue ribbon? Conspiracy theories to, please. Meanwhile, per The Real Deal, the rest of the top sales groups: Tamir Shemesh Team, Bracha Group, Kotler Group, Roth-Sporn Group, Deniro Group, Daniela Kunen Team, Sukenik Group, Leonard Steinberg Team and Ruth Hardinger Team. [CurbedWire Staff]

CENTRAL VILLAGE?There's an advertiser out there looking to pitch his/her wares to a very select group of consumers: the residents of 8 Union Square South. Writes a tipster: "I was walking home about a week ago and noticed that there was a new benefit to living in the model-thin building erected at University and 14th: a large, animated neon-pink advertisement was being projected onto the wall of the building that houses Whole Foods et. al. Since most of the floor-to-ceiling windows face this wall, I wonder if the residents are happy about paying seven figures to have a neon ad blasted into their living room?" We've rarely seen more than two apartments' lights on, so we figure wherever 8USS's buyers are, they probably don't care all that much. [CurbedWire Inbox]