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On the Racked: Saturation Barneys Madness Coverage, More

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And now, the latest from Racked, on the carnage that is New York City retail.

1) Chelsea: Racked was all over the Barneys Warehouse Sale today. The coverage started with the line outside. It took us through the doors and included a rundown on and photo gallery of the "pushing, grabbing and shoving." There was a photogallery of the scene in the men's basement and a dispatch when things calmed down a bit. Not to mention a zen look at the housewares section.

2) MePa: Of course, Racked also found evidence of imminent Barneys action on W. 13th Street.

3) East Village: No Barneys here, but there's a sad goodbye for vintage fashion spot, Centricity. A moment of silence, please.