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New to Market: 320 Square Feet of Central Village Glory

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Welcome back to New to Market, our look at a new listing, with a reader vote. This week: Manhattan starter apartments in the $300k range. Feedback and nominees to, please.

Okay, for starters: we're dispensing with the poll on this feature. We're just sort of not feeling it. Think we're wrong? Let us know in the comments. Anyhoo, here we find ourselves at a $328,000 starter studio on East 8th Street (between Waverly/Mercer). The price per square foot, you ask? Why, a mere $1.025 million $1,025 (oops!), given the 320 square foot interior space. That's, uhm, not a lot of room, and the listing omits a floorplan for us to discern if there's actually enough room for a bed. Anyone seen this place?