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DOB Orders Bleecker Street Terrace Massacre

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By far, one of the strangest mini-skirmishes in the Village has been the ongoing saga of the multi-story addition to the Circle in the Square Theater at 159 Bleecker Street. The building was allowed to exceed zoning limits because it was intended to be used as a dorm, only that's not quite how things turned out. Now, adding even more wackiness to the situation, the Villager reports that the Department of Buildings is revoking several of the units' temporary certificates of occupancy, and ordering that the terraces be sawed down to the 22 inches required under zoning regulations. The D.O.B. couldn't have been happy with getting jerked around, so this little bit of revenge is not unexpected. However, you never really see any deconstructing going on. Happy Valentine's Day, Andrew Berman!
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